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Foreign Currency Exchange Trading Markets

Many people believe that their normal lives will never be affected by the currency rate, but this is not so.  Foreign currency exchange is required to carry out business and trade between the different countries.  The foreign currency rate of a country affects its citizens as it affects the price of imports. This financial market […] Read More »

Forex Trading Systems New Agreement

Trading platforms roll out often. MetaTrader is one of the forex trading systems on the market. It is already in its 5th edition. Keeping tabs on the different systems and software being released can be helpful for beginners who have yet to find a broker. Even if you have a broker you want to know […] Read More »

Comparing Seasonal Foreign Currency Trading Markets

The majority of foreign exchange traders know that it is non-beneficial to trade during the holiday season.  This is generally due to the low liquidity of the market over these months.  However, there are various seasonal effects which one must be aware of that have little to do with the holiday season.  By using historical […] Read More »

Forex Trade Quotes

Forex Trade Quotes When you trade currency pairs, the quote will consist of an ask and a bid price.  These prices are always linked to the base currency.  When you are selling your base currency, the bid price will be the price at which the dealer is prepared to buy that base currency from you.  […] Read More »

Short Term Forex Strategies – Gaps

Short Term Forex Strategies – Gaps There are several forex strategies that you can use to trade on the forex market.  One of the short term strategies you can use is gaps.  Gaps are those areas on a chart where the currency price moves up or down with no obvious trading between the two points.  […] Read More »

The Best Forex Trading Software

The Best Forex Trading Software When you trade forex you need to know about the best forex trading software.  The best software is actually rather objective because the suitability of the software is related to the type of trading you are doing.  You need to find forex trading software that offers you all the tools […] Read More »

Discipline on the Foreign Exchange Sydney

When you trade on the foreign exchange Sydney you need look at the amount of discipline that you have.  To be a disciplined trader you are going to trade without emotions and stick to your trading strategy.  If you do not complete these objectives then you are not a disciplined trader and you will run […] Read More »

Trading the Foreign Exchange Rate with Herd Instinct

One of the ways that you can trade on the foreign exchange rate market is through herd instinct.  When you trade with herd instinct you are going to blindly follow the overall trend in the foreign exchange rate market.  Herd instinct trading is often based on the idea that the trend is your friend and […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Rate Personalities

When you start trading on the foreign exchange rate market you are told to consider how strategies work with your personality.  There are a number of different foreign exchange rate trading personalities that you need to know about.  These personalities will determine the type of trading you do and the strategies that will work with […] Read More »

A Guide to Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuations

The majority of the general public are aware of fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate, whether they trade forex or not.  All people know that different currency values go up and down, but the reason is unknown for most.  Basically, if one currency is in demand more than the available supply, then the price is […] Read More »

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