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How to Fail On the Foreign Exchange Melbourne Market

Experienced traders will agree that every foreign exchange trader will experience at least one devastating, trading account depleting loss in their forex career.  Yet, the forex market does still remain one of the most lucrative trading markets in the world.  The question remains: how do traders fail in this highly profitable financial environment?  This article […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Melbourne Trading Mistakes

If you are a newcomer to this market and you feel that you are doing your trades as you have been taught to, but simply cannot reach a level where you are profitable, you should take a step back and check if you are making some of the common mistakes made in this market.  You […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Melbourne Currencies To Trade

As a foreign exchange Melbourne trader it is essential that you are aware of the factors that affect your currency pairs.  Many traders only look to the major currencies and often ignore the other currencies.  If you feel that with your experience and knowledge you could venture beyond the majors, there are a couple of […] Read More »

Analysing the Foreign Exchange Melbourne Market

The basis of technical analysis on the forex market is that trading behaviour will be repeated.  By analysing and tracking this repetition one will be able to predict future market movements.  Research has evidenced this to be a reliable method to identify behaviours as individuals (the traders) do have a tendency to react to similar […] Read More »

Performing on the Foreign Exchange Market

If you want to ensure that you are performing on the foreign exchange market you need to evaluate your trading periodically.  This is particularly important if you are looking at active trading on the foreign exchange market.  To understand your performance you need to know what active trading is, the risks you could be facing […] Read More »

FX Programmes And Systems

  FX Programmes And Systems If you are a newcomer to the FX market, you must be wondering what programmes or systems are available to make your life easier.  Your first port of call should be to obtain FX education programmes to allow you to get to know this new world of opportunity. Are FX […] Read More »

Currency Trading Terminology

The currency trading market has its own unique set of jargon and terms.  You need to know some of the basic forex terminology you may encounter whilst trading. Basic Currency Trading Terms Exchange Rate This is used to express the value of one currency to the value of another.  An example is GBP/USD is 1.5100; […] Read More »

FX Price Volatility and the Use of Leverage

FX Price Volatility and the Use of Leverage Leverage is one of the aspects of the forex market that attracts a lot of attention.  There are many retail traders who look at forex simply because of the amounts of leverage on offer.  With certain FX brokers is it possible to get leverage of up to […] Read More »

How Australian Forex Brokers Affect Your Strategies

There are a lot of forex traders who do not understand the impact that Australian forex brokers have on the strategies that they can use.  There are certain strategies that you can easily use with Australian forex brokers.  However, there are other strategies where you have to find the right forex broker.  It is important […] Read More »

Can Personality Affect Foreign Exchange Trading

Can Your Personality Prevent Foreign Exchange Trading Success When a new trader enters the foreign exchange trading arena they are told to accept the inevitability of trading losses. By acknowledging and accepting these losses they will be less likely to feel extreme emotional swings and psychological distress. However, what the majority of these new traders […] Read More »

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