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Pairing up the Foreign Exchange Rate

ISO equals International Standardisation Organisation in forex speak. It is the organisation central bank leaders created to name forex pairs. ISO codes are the names given to currency pairs and which are used when you want to look up a specific foreign exchange rate. A pair like AUD/USD has a specific rate, but it also […] Read More »

The End of A Forex Charts Training Programme

Creating and reading forex charts is at the crux of all there is to forex trading. Without this ability, you will not be able to succeed in forex trading and would see your account dwindle to nothingness in a very short period of time. Learning to read charts is best acquired through a good training […] Read More »

Forex Strategies – Making the Grade

Creating Forex strategies is an essential part of becoming a prosperous trader on the Foreign Exchange. While there are plenty of already established and successful strategies on the market, the best way to ensure your prosperity is to create the perfect trading strategy for what you want to accomplish as a trader. Everyone is different […] Read More »

Advanced Training in Foreign Exchange Market

There are different types of traders in the foreign exchange market. While trading style and personalities can be used to categorise traders, the most efficient way to do it would be on the basis of their capabilities in the forex market. Unfortunately, not many traders realise that they need to keep learning in the forex […] Read More »

4 Elements of Successful Forex Trading

Most individuals become interested in forex trading mainly because of the kind of money that they can make from such a volatile market. In fact, even though it is highly recommended that an individual should never start forex trading unless his finances are settled and stable, many traders pay no heed to this advice and […] Read More »

Drivers behind Foreign Exchange Rate of CAD

Canada boasts of having the eighth strongest economy in the world and its nominal GDP stands at roughly 1.3 trillion American dollars. Many traders based in the west tend to focus on the New York session where their prime focus is either the American dollar or the Canadian dollar. This is why focus on the […] Read More »

Factors that Affect Foreign Exchange Rates

Traders look at foreign exchange rates to understand the economic strength of a country and its currency. Most traders keep track of the exchange rates so that they are able to understand the market better and increase their chances of success. As currencies are traded in the forex market it is important that you learn […] Read More »

Exiting Trades On Foreign Exchange Sydney

It is entirely possible for an individual to start trading on the foreign exchange Sydney without actually going through any kind of formal training. In other words, you can teach yourself how to trade and profit from the volatility of the forex market. However, this does not mean that attending formal training is not going […] Read More »

Swing Trading In The Foreign Exchange Market

You most probably already know that the volatility of the foreign exchange market is both your biggest ally and your biggest enemy. This duality is something that permeates through everything in the forex market. For instance, whichever forex trading strategy you consider, you will find that it has its good and bad points. This means […] Read More »

Forex Charts And Trends Basics

This article is about the methods of using forex charts. By collecting and pinpointing data on forex charts, it is possible for you to find out the direction of a currency’s value.  The trends are normally quite easy to identify.  There are however times when you may require longer time periods for charting to identify […] Read More »

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