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How to Execute Your FX Trading Plan Well

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Your FX trading plan is the most important aspect of your entire trading effort. The reason for this is simply that your trading plan governs everything you do in the market.

Therefore, if you can make sure that your trading plan is not only well formulated but also implemented in the right spirit then you do not have to worry about anything else in the forex market. This is easier said than done, though.

Implementing your FX trading plan like clockwork is going to require a lot of self-discipline and control, and there is no individual in the world that does not sway from the path due to temptations. However, you could take steps to prevent this from happening to you too often. Here are some suggestions.


As mentioned earlier, preparing a good FX trading plan should be a priority. Moreover, you should spend as much time and effort as you can on preparing your plan well because even the smallest of loopholes in the plan can grow to become insurmountable for your entire forex trading endeavour.

You should ideally take every aspect of your plan seriously including technical analysis, fundamental considerations, triggers, risk management, money management, routine, positions affirmations, and even your emotions.


In order to follow your FX trading plan as it is supposed to be followed, you will have to control your impulses. However, sometimes this can be very difficult.

Therefore, in order to prevent such moments from causing major financial damage, you should simply vow to walk away every time you sense an impulse growing inside of you. Walking away here means getting away from the market and distracting yourself with something else in your life so that you do not make any impulsive decisions.


Stabilising yourself while implementing your FX trading plan mainly means not making arbitrary changes to what is in your plan. For instance, the market would always tempt you into moving your targets further ahead or scare you into moving your stop losses.

These are steps that you should never take unless your own trading plan tells you to take them. In fact, there should be a logical reason for every decision you make in the forex market if you truly want to avoid mistakes that shunt you out of the market before it is time.


You will have set certain financial targets that you expect to achieve by trading on the forex market. If these targets are unrealistic then you will be very dissatisfied with your FX trading plan and would also feel compelled to ditch it. This is why it is important for you to have rational expectations from the market.

Analyse the market and see how much it is possible for you to realistically make on the basis of your starting capital. Only after this should you establish you expectations and targets.

Your expectations would also move as you implement your FX trading plan. When this happens you have to control greed and consolidate before increasing your expectations.



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