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An Overview of Foreign Currency Exchange Trading

The foreign currency exchange market is a very hot place to invest in today. The market is characterized by high liquidity, and this is one of the main reasons why new investors are joining in large numbers every day. All the world’s currencies are traded in the forex market, with trading involving the exchange of [...] Read More »

Why Invest In The Aussie Forex Market Over The Long Term

Most investments made today including those in the Aussie Forex market are looked at providing profit to the investor in the future. Yes it is possible to carry out trades throughout the day but you need to be aware when trading on the Forex market that it is extremely volatile. Therefore the risk of you [...] Read More »

Factors That Affect Australian Dollar FX Rates

It is FX rates which help to indicate what the Australian Dollar is worth against another currency like the US Dollar, the Euro or the British Pound. However these rates are then drive by a number of different factors such as political and psychological ones as well as fundamental and technical ones. If for instance [...] Read More »

Common Forex Trading Mistakes

  Forex Trading has been around for a long time and therefore we can learn from people’s past mistakes. Below we have listed several common mistakes that beginners and even veterans will find themselves committing when they go about their trades. Avoid making bad trades and losing money by being aware of these common trading [...] Read More »

Foreign Currency Exchange Profitability Patterns

  Foreign Currency Exchange Profitability Patterns When you trade forex you need to know what makes a trader profitable.  There are certain patterns that you should look for when you consider profitability.  Of course, profitability does range depending on the goals set out by the trader.  However, if you look at these patterns you may [...] Read More »

Ways To Avoid Losses When Trading Forex Live

Ways To Avoid Losses When Trading Forex Live The mere fact that it has become so simple to trade forex, with sessions throughout the day or night, and with high leverage levels, it has also become easy to lose money.  If you take into consideration these factors below, you could avoid losing your money in [...] Read More »

The Worst Things To Do With A Losing Forex Rates Trade

The Worst Things to Do with a Losing Forex Rates Trade A fact of trading forex rates is that you will have a losing trade at some point.  However, it is the way that you handle the losing trade that truly affects your account balance and trading mentality.  There are a number of things that [...] Read More »

Why forex trading via news is dangerous

Why forex trading news is dangerous Are you considering forex trading through news releases? We take a look at some factors that might cause you to have a rethink. Forex news trading simply involves getting into the market during a release and trying to catch the initial market move. For many engaged in forex trading [...] Read More »

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