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Having a Forex Live Trading Schedule

This article looks at the forex live trading schedule that you should have. When you trade on the forex live market you should consider the use of a trading schedule.  The trading schedule that you use can offer you a number of benefits that you need on the market.  It is important that you understand […] Read More »

Forex Charts And Trends Basics

This article is about the methods of using forex charts. By collecting and pinpointing data on forex charts, it is possible for you to find out the direction of a currency’s value.  The trends are normally quite easy to identify.  There are however times when you may require longer time periods for charting to identify […] Read More »

Forex Average Daily Range.

It is unusual for the forex market to make substantial moves out of the blue, it does of course, no question about that, you can see some very large bars on the daily chart when this has occurred, and there lies some of the issue with the psychology of forex trading. Although the market will […] Read More »

Trading with Forex Rates Patterns

This article looks at the use of forex rates patterns when you trade. When you look at trading the forex rates you should consider the use of patterns on the charts.  There are a number of benefits that you get from the use of chart and the patterns that you find in them.  You should […] Read More »

Malaysian Debts: Putting GDP at Risk

The Malaysian fiscal deficit has been a concern although it has already consolidated after the general elections last May. Barclays economist summarised the economic trends in the succeeding discussions. Tax collections were slow versus overall targets despite the stronger economy. FX trading analysts are cautious on the fiscal deficit that is running even higher as […] Read More »

The Foreign Exchange Market for the Holidays

When on holiday, the last thing you want is to be unable to partake in all the activities you want to because you’re too busy watching the pennies. The foreign exchange market fluctuates every day so picking the right time to change your money over can make a big difference to how much of your […] Read More »

The Maple Leaf Extended Its Summer Vacation

The CAD continued to trade in narrow ranges despite political issues . This is a forex signal  of the broader FX markets, which shown  volatility that constantly declined  after the initial Fed quantitative easing  tapering concerns during the second quarter. Forex signals for the CAD from which analysts saw idiosyncratic risks that include  a disarray […] Read More »

Forex Trading for Beginners

Forex (foreign exchange) is the largest financial market in the world, involving trillions of dollars of currency exchanges every day and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each day, computer networks all over the world connect, allowing businesses of all sizes, from large financial institutions to individual traders, to exchange various currencies […] Read More »

The Basics of 24-hour Trading

  Unsurprisingly, given the very nature of the foreign exchange market, there is very little downtime when it comes to trading. The different time zones are one factor in this, with some countries having up to a full day’s difference between the time zones of the countries with whom they are trading. It is also […] Read More »

Great Reasons to get into Forex Trading

The forex market is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money and the potential for large profits is attracting more and more traders. If you are wondering what makes this market so attractive and why so many investors are flocking to it we have narrowed down some of the top reasons why you too […] Read More »

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