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Making Money from Forex Trading

We all know that different countries across the world use different currencies. If you want to visit a foreign country you need to trade in your pounds sterling for the appropriate currency. The amount of foreign currency you will get for your pound depends on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Rates […] Read More »

Getting Started in Forex Trading

The rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another is called an exchange rate. As it always involves two currencies, the figures will always appear in pairs, for example EUR/JPY (the Euro against the Japanese Yen). Their rates will fluctuate according to economic issues such as like productions, inflations and political happenings across […] Read More »

Improve your Forex Trading Performance

Trading on the forex (fx) markets is far from easy. When mistakes are made, it can lead to losses. Once traders find themselves in a downward spiral, it can be very difficult to turn things around and improve their performance within the market. However, following a few simple steps could help maximise their chances of […] Read More »

The Forex Market and World Events

The Forex Market is the main monetary market in the world. Every day people from every corner of the globe contribute to a massive $4 trillion worth of business. Keeping up to date with current events can be vital when balancing the risk of any trades you may be contemplating. Natural Disasters Natural disasters are […] Read More »

What Makes a Winning Trader?

As with any market, there must be losers as well as winners and some people have the attributes needed to win whilst others follow actions which prevent them from making money. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a winner in the foreign exchange market then read on to pick up some of their top tips. […] Read More »

Ten Top Tips for Success in Forex Trading

1. Don’t run before you can walk If this is your first day into the world of forex trading, then taking things slowly is a great idea. Opening too many position at once just adds pressure and can lead to oversights, mistakes and poor decision making. Opening a few positions allows you to keep a […] Read More »

Tradable Currencies on the Forex Market

The Forex market offers great opportunities for success, with just about everyone able to access and play the market. However, playing the market and understanding it are two very different things and, in order to make it work to your advantage, it is well worth taking time to learn the basics of Forex trading. As […] Read More »

A Quick Guide To Foreign Exchange Trading

One of the most advantageous aspects of the growth in worldwide high-speed internet is that the world of business has become smaller than ever. In the same way that people can do all their banking online, the world of trades and investments has grown hugely in popularity with everyday people ? not just those who […] Read More »

Mistakes Made on the Foreign Exchange Sydney

Do you know that nearly 95% of all foreign exchange Sydney traders fail to succeed in forex trade? Most traders fail to succeed due to the repeated mistakes that they make when placing a trade. A surprising fact is that a majority of traders are not even aware of the mistakes that they make and […] Read More »

Forex Charts DKK JPY Profits

When you enter the forex market you hope to make a profit. How you make that profit is based on your understanding of the market, your knowledge, and the currency pairs you trade. All of the previous statements are considered trading strategies. To a degree you can use forex charts to determine what might occur, […] Read More »

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