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The Use of Momentum Forex Signals

This article looks at the forex signals you can get from the momentum on the market.

Momentum Forex Signals

Forex signals are the indicators that you use to tell you when you should be trading and the direction you should be trading in.  There are a number of different ways that you can get forex signals and one of them is through the use of momentum.  It is important that you know what momentum forex signals are and how they can be obtained.  To obtain momentum forex signals you will need to use technical analysis and you will have to know which indicators you should use.

Why Use Momentum Forex Signals?

There are many traders who wonder why you should be using momentum forex signals.  To understand this you need to understand the impact of momentum on the forex market.  Momentum on the forex market is the driving force behind the movements that you are going to trade on.  If there is momentum on the market then you are likely to see a trend.  However, if there is no momentum then the directional movement that you see will reverse very quickly.

Momentum is something that helps you determine what you should be trading on and what you should not be trading on.  If there is no momentum or if the momentum has slowed then you should not be trading.  The forex signals that you get with momentum will generally be the ones that that tell you when you should be trading on a trend and when you should be closing your open position.

The Use of Technical Indicators

To determine momentum on the forex market you will need to use a technical indicator.  There are a number of different momentum indicators that you can use.  However, the most commonly used is the MACD histogram.  The MACD histogram is technically a derivative of a derivative, but the information that you obtain from the indicator is very accurate.

The MACD histogram will offer you a visual representation of the momentum that you are going to trade on.  Of course, you will need to combine the histogram with other trend finding indicators to ensure that you are getting the right signals to trade on.  When you have a trend identification indicator you will use the MACD histogram to verify that the trend is strong enough to trade on.

The Forex Signals that You Get

The signals that you get from the use of momentum indicators are entry and exit signals.  The entry signals will manifest in a number of different ways.  One of the ways that you can determine the entry signals is to find a high point on the histogram.  You will then find the corresponding point on the price action area of the chart.  When the trend goes through a partial retracement and the momentum on the histogram is close to the high point you should open a trade.

The exit signals are often easier to determine as you will be looking at the histogram segments.  The segment that you look at will form a mountain where it peaks.  Once the histogram values start to decrease you should exit your trade.  A decrease in the histogram values indicates that the momentum is slowing down.



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