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Trade Forex For A Full-Time Career

Trade Forex

For someone who loves to trade forex, a full-time career in it is heaven on Earth. You make enough money to maintain a lifestyle that is worldly and dynamic, allowing you to have 3- to 4- day weekends most of the time. On the other hand, it’s not for everyone. You have to spend long hours staring at a computer, silently watching little pricing bars jiggle up and down. You may become so satiated by the news that you almost can’t bear to talk about the subject when you meet your neighbours or friends, since it becomes obvious that they know very little in comparison to what is already collected inside your head. Finally, you may make so much money that your friends get very jealous, forcing you to not talk about your “work” in trade forex in order to maintain some relationships.
“Day trading” various AUD-related pairs, through the use of a pair of exponential moving averages can be very rewarding. Each pair responds differently. Some experimentation may be in order.

Can You Trade Forex Full-Time With Little Experience?

Anyone can trade forex full-time, with or without experience. The question is how long they will last since you need to be able to make consistent profits, with very low losses, in order to stay in the game. If you have a background in finance and economics, then you may want to open up a “demo account” immediately and begin practising your trading strategies. On the other hand, if you don’t have such a background, you need to get on the internet and start researching the forex industry. Then, when you’re feeling more comfortable, open up a demo and start fine-tuning your trade forex strategies. Do not leave your demo until you’re making profits on 6 out of 10 trades.

Preparing To Trade Forex Full Time

It only takes 1 successful trading strategy to turn you into a full-time trader. For the AUD/USD, using a pair of 8-period and 34-period exponential moving averages (“EMAs”) on a 15-minute chart might be successful. For the AUD/JPY, using the same EMA pairing on a 5-minute chart might be lucrative. For the EUR/AUD, using a pair of 10-period and a 20-period EMAs on a 30-minute chart might be worthwhile. For the USD/JPY, using a pair of 8-period and 20-period EMAs on a 30-minute chart might be profitable. Finally, using a pair of 10-period and 20-period EMAs on a 5-minute EUR/USD chart could be rewarding. Signal confirmation can be through a “Fisher Transform” or an “Awesome Oscillator” or a “SMI Ergodic Indicator”.

Strategies To Improve Your Success Rate As You Trade Forex Full-Time

A serious forex trader gets up every morning, switches on his/her computers and starts reading the news, thinking about which currency pair has the highest likelihood of busting a move in the next 4 hours. Then, if an inviting pricing situation begins to occur, you take advantage of it. If nothing shows up, then you hang around, “watching the action” and reading various bank-sponsored forex commentaries (available on Reuters, Bloomberg or “efxnews”), until it’s time for lunch and the rest of your day. In other words, you have a trading strategy and you wait for the market to come to you – not the reverse. This may mean that you never trade on Mondays or Fridays, by the way.



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