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A Guide to Understanding Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign Exchange Trading Hours

In order to be an effective forex trader you must understand how to trade on the forex market.  If you do not understand the technicalities behind the trading system, the chances are high that you will incur more losses than trading profits.  This is why it is recommended new traders spend time learning trading skills such as trading analysis and how to use different trading tools.  Many new traders jump ahead to the live market before gaining any experience on a demo account.  This sees many detrimental losses to their trading account balances.

All individuals who enter the foreign exchange trading market will learn that the different aspects of the market have consequences the trades and trading. A markets movement will determine whether a trade is profitable or not, and how much of a loss or profit is made. Unless the trader is fully aware of how this market works, it is doubtful he will be prepared to handle these results and will face not only severe financial losses but acute anxiety and stress as well.

The foreign exchange trading hours

Individuals who are determined to become successful traders must be prepared to work throughout the night. A money making trading career requires dedication and commitment, and sometimes this commitment can be highly time-consuming. The forex market is open all day and night from Sunday to Friday each week. However, trading online has made the work less gruesome as traders can now trade from home and with forex robots can even get some sleep!

Foreign exchange trading styles

The forex trading style most frequently used is that of the ‘spot trade’. The spot trade refers to the instance where the trader delivers a sold currency and takes receipt of the he bought at a certain price. This transaction occurs within a two day period, however the trader must be aware that the currency rates are volatile and can fluctuate greatly within this timeframe.

The second most common trading technique is that of the ‘options trade’. The options trade trading style is a hedging type, thus making it more suited to hedge funds than the speculating individual trader. During this trade the buyer of the option has the right to purchase or sell a currency at an agreed upon date. In order to obtain this right, the buyer must pay a premium which counts as a percentage of the total transaction amounts. It must be remembered that the option trade notes a right of the buyer to purchase or sell, not an obligation.

Global economic trends and the foreign exchange market

Successful traders are fully aware of when and how to place advantageous trades. This is due to the fact they keep up to date with current economic trends and how they are affecting the forex market. To engage in effective trading, one must understand the trends and events that influence the market and be aware of the subsequent influences on trades. By conducting the appropriate research, he should be able to predict the movements of the market and make positive trades.



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