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Is Size Important When Choosing A Forex Broker?

An important task when trading on the forex market is that of finding a forex broker.  This is not always simple, particularly for the new trader, and must be well thought out. Firstly, each forex broker specialises in a different type of forex trading.  This means that different forex brokers will target different trades.  It […] Read More »

Handling Losses on the Foreign Exchange Sydney

When you trade on the foreign exchange Sydney you need to be able to handle any losses that you make.  Losses are something that all traders are going to go through and you need to be able to handle it when it comes.  These are a number of points that you have to consider when […] Read More »

A Guide to Understanding Foreign Exchange Trading

In order to be an effective forex trader you must understand how to trade on the forex market.  If you do not understand the technicalities behind the trading system, the chances are high that you will incur more losses than trading profits.  This is why it is recommended new traders spend time learning trading skills […] Read More »

The Foreign Exchange Sydney Market In Detail

Potentially the most appealing aspect of the forex market is the ability to make large amounts of money on trades.  This market is the largest of the financial markets and presents with the highest level of liquidity.  In addition to these characteristics, there are also other original traits of the foreign exchange Sydney market which […] Read More »

The Advantages of Using Forex Signals

The foreign exchange market is both lucrative and volatile.  In this market, the aim is to buy and sell currencies at a profit.  This may sound very simple, but it requires knowledge of the market, concentration and the ability to make quick decisions.  Most of these abilities can be learned and if you spend the […] Read More »

How to Trade Forex Rates With Weekly Charts

Most recommendations indicate that when trading forex rates the trader should consider using the 5 or 15 minute forex charts to trade. However, while this is a profitable method, the weekly charts have also proved extremely effective. In order to determine which will work with your trading style you should examine why you use these […] Read More »

How to Find Your Forex Rates Trading Style

Before you trade on the forex rates market you need to know what your trading style it.  You trading style will impact a number of different aspects of trading.  It is important that you know what your forex rates trading style is and how it impacts your trading.  When you do not know this you […] Read More »

The Mental Traps Forex Live Traders Face

When you trade on the forex live market you are going to be faced with a number of different mental traps.  It is important that you know what these mental traps are because they will all lead to losses in the long run.  When you know what these traps are you can work to avoid […] Read More »

Forex Live Loss Control

When you trade forex live you will encounter losses, but it is possible to limit the impact of the losses.  There are certain tips you should heed to limit these losses.  The best move is to have a solid profit and loss plan. Profit and Loss Plan The first question you should be asking is […] Read More »

Forex Examination of CNY

Retail traders depending on where they live might focus more on the Hong Kong dollar versus the Chinese Yuan. In forex markets regular traders like you are unable to access the Chinese Yuan. It is strictly traded even with large international corporations. A part of the reason behind trading it privately is the pegging it […] Read More »

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