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Common Mistakes In Forex Australia Market

The number of traders who drop out of the forex Australia market every day is astonishing. However, if you consider that the market sees around 4 trillion American dollars’ worth of trades every day as well, it is not surprising that so many traders fail to make profits and avoid losses in the market. The […] Read More »

How to Handle Losses on the Foreign Exchange

This article looks at the ways that you can handle losses on the foreign exchange. Loss on the foreign exchange is something that all traders are going to face at some point.  This is why you have to consider how you are going to be handling the losses that you have.  If you do not […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Rate Quotes

This article covers the different aspects of foreign exchange rate quotes as received from your forex broker. Before you start trading live in the forex market, you need to understand how to read the quotes you will be given. Bid and Ask Prices Your forex quote will always have a bid and an ask price.  […] Read More »

Euro US Dollar Foreign Exchange Rate

This article looks at the effects of certain factors on the foreign exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro. Trading opportunities for the EUR/USD currency pair are difficult to maintain due to the popularity of the pair.  This has not stopped traders from trading this pair.  This pair is the most liquid global […] Read More »

Weekend Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Rate

This article looks at the weekend analysis of the foreign exchange rate that you should be completing. When you trade the foreign exchange rate you might assume that there is nothing to do on the weekend.  This is due to the forex market being closed over the weekend.  The truth is that you should be […] Read More »

Rules to Safe Foreign Exchange Melbourne Trading

This article looks at the rules to safe trading on the foreign exchange Melbourne. When you trade on the foreign exchange Melbourne you need to consider how this can be done safely.  If you are not safe with your trading then you are going to end up losing more than you make on the market.  […] Read More »

Introduction To Forex Brokers

This article covers the basics about your choice of forex brokers. To enable you to trade, you need to open an account with a forex broker.  There are many forex brokers out there, but you should do a careful assessment of the brokerage before you open an account. What do you Need? The services you […] Read More »

Finding Compatible Forex Brokers

This article looks at the compatible forex brokers for the different types of traders. When you look at the forex brokers that you can work with you need to know how to find one that is compatible with the trading you want to do.  There are two things that you have to consider when you […] Read More »

How Foreign Exchange Market Trumps Other Investments

Every time an individual decides to put up some of his money towards speculation, there are various options that he has to consider. Speculation can be done either through trading or through investment. Regardless of what your chosen method of speculation is, you would be hard pressed to find any options better than the foreign […] Read More »

Forex Calendar Event of the Year: New Reserve Currencies

Goldman Sachs gave an account of the first formal BRIC summit that was held last June 2009 to reflect on the outlook of the US dollar as the primary reserve currency. Back then, China’s central bank governor ordered for the creation of a new reserve currency. The governor indicated in a paper published  on the […] Read More »

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