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Different Types of Foreign Exchange Trading Intervals

Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign exchange trading is, by far, one of the more adaptable professions that an individual can go into. Adaptability, in this case, means that the field of forex trading can support different types of strategies, trader behaviours, influences, ramifications and even varying trading intervals.

A trade interval, in simple terms, is the amount of time a position is kept open in the market. Forex trading intervals are usually chosen by forex traders on the basis of their personalities because different intervals exhibit different kinds of properties.

If you are interested in finding about the varying types of forex trading intervals, then here is a list for your benefit.

Intraday Foreign Exchange Trading Interval

As you can no doubt tell from the term, intraday foreign exchange trading involves trading where positions have to be opened and closed within a single day. However, the intervals in intraday trading can vary at the trader’s discretion.

The actual intervals of trades can range from anything like a few minutes to even a few hours as long as the position is closed before the day ends. Owing to their nature, these types of trades are often shortened and called day trades in the online FX trading community.

There tends to be a lot of noise when it comes to forex trading on a daily basis. The term noise refers to short term fluctuations in the market as opposed to the general direction in which the forex rates are heading.

Interday Foreign Exchange Trading Interval

Interday foreign exchange trading is when a trader opens a position that stays open overnight. The dynamics of interday trading are different from the dynamics of intraday trading, although a day trader can choose to use interday trading on some occasions.

Interday trading would require the trader to analyse the market from a broader perspective so as to get a wider view of how the forex rates are going to change on a day by day basis.

Extremely Long Foreign Exchange Trading Intervals

One of the more common types of interday foreign exchange is long term trading. These types of trades are based on time intervals that can go up to weeks if not months. As you have no doubt surmised already, this kind of trading would mean that the trader would have to look at the more basic elements that affect the market and determine their impact.

This is why this type of trading requires the forex trader to pay special attention to forex news items of various kinds. Any world event that affects the economy of the country whose currency the trader is trading in has to be factored into his or her equation.

Extremely long term forex trading needs a considerable amount of money to be invested by the trader because there are no profits in the short term. Effectively, this kind of trading remains the domain of more experienced forex traders and large organisations that can invest those kinds of sums.



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