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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Rules for Trading

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Rules for Trading There are a number of rules that most successful traders keep in mind when they are trading.  Some of these rules are more along the lines of guides than strict steps that need to be observed.  When you keep these rules in mind you should be able to […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Market Participants

Foreign Exchange Market Participants The main players in the foreign exchange market differ from those in the stock market.  The forex market has changed over the last few years and so have the players in the market.  In the past, the larger corporations, banks and central banks were the main participants, but this has changed […] Read More »

Aspects Of Currency Trading

Aspects Of Currency Trading A unique aspect linked to the currency trading market is that it does not have a central marketplace.  Regular stocks trade on stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange.  Trading in this financial marketplace takes place electronically between traders and not on a central marketplace. Spot, Futures and Forwards […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Comparison of Under and Overtrading

Foreign Exchange Comparison of Under and Overtrading When new traders learn about trading successfully they are told to avoid overtrading.  However, it is just as important that a trader not under trade.  It is important that you know when you are overtrading and when you are under trading.  The best way to determine whether you […] Read More »

Basic Action Forex Objectives

Basic Action Forex Objectives When you trade action forex you need to set forth some objectives which help you trade better and keep you on track.  There are three primary objects that you should consider when you trade.  Of course, there are a number of secondary objectives which should also be included in your trading […] Read More »

What Type of Managed Forex Account is the Best?

What Type of Managed Forex Account is the Best? Description: We weigh up the pros and cons of the two main types of managed forex accounts. For individuals who want to earn money from the forex market but have neither the skills nor the ability to do so, the best alternative is to allow other […] Read More »

A Guide To Finding The Best Forex Broker

A Guide To Finding The Best Forex Broker A very important aspect of trading the forex market is finding the best forex broker possible. This is important as the forex broker affects how effective your trading will be. This article discusses certain characteristics a forex broker must show in order to be the best forex […] Read More »

Taking Partial Profits while Trading Forex

Taking Partial Profits while Trading Forex: Right or Wrong? Description: In this article, we look at the implications of taking partial profits when trading forex. While trading forex, traders are invariably tempted to close a part of their positions after they have gone up some pips in profit. This can be done by closing half […] Read More »

Overcoming Barriers on the Foreign Exchange Market

Contrary to popular belief, success on the foreign exchange market depends greatly on your psychological mindset as much as your physical trading skills. All effective traders will agree that while you may have mastered all trading strategies, if you are not using a positive and productive perspective the chance of trading losses are much greater […] Read More »

The Foreign Exchange Indicators That You Should Know

If you are going to be using technical analysis then you should know about some of the foreign exchange indicators.  There are many different indicators that you can use.  However, there are 4 categories that most foreign exchange indicators will fall into.  You should know what these categories are and how they affect your use […] Read More »

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