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Sticking to the Plan on the Foreign Exchange

When you enter the foreign exchange market you will have a great deal of questions.  Will all the information available it can be very difficult to know where to start.  It is also very difficult to decide what is relevant and what is not.  To overcome this confusion it is advised you set initial goals […] Read More »

The Economics of the Foreign Currency Exchange

When you trade on the foreign currency exchange you need to consider what the economics of the market are.  These economics can be used to analyse the market movements.  This analysis will be done through fundamental analysis.  It is important that you know what the major economic reports are that affect the foreign currency exchange.  […] Read More »

Foreign Currency Exchange Account Types

Once you have gone through all the basics of foreign currency exchange trading, you need to open an account.  You will have to go through the process of finding a suitable forex broker to open an account. There are three main types of accounts available.  These are the mini, standard and managed, and each comes […] Read More »

The Taxation of Currency Trading

When you look at currency trading you have to consider all of the aspects of this.  One of the aspects that you need to look at is the taxation of the profits that you make.  Some traders assume that they will be able to get away with not paying tax on their currency trading because […] Read More »

Currency Trading In Five Steps

If you are considering currency trading as a future full or part time career, research will present you with mounds of information and many promises of strategies you should use to make you piles of money.  It is important for you to read some of this information, but there are five essential steps you should […] Read More »

The Spreads You Get with Australian Forex Brokers

One of the points that you have to consider when you look at Australian forex brokers is the spreads that you are going to get.  There are two schemes that Australian forex broker use and they are fixed and variable.  It is important that you consider the pros and cons of the different schemes and […] Read More »

Australian Labour Update: Scant Jobs and Overworked

Unemployment ticked up to 5.8% in Australia. This data hinted on Reserve Bank of Australia to cut to interest rates in the next six months with increase to 70% from 60%. AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver in an interview said. “While stronger housing-related indicators and the recent boost to confidence, if sustained, suggest that […] Read More »

Choosing Forex Brokers Based On Their Platforms

There are various aspects that a forex trader has to consider while analysing various forex brokers. When analysing a forex broker, everything from the reputation of the broker to the deposit medium options that they provide matters. However, one thing that is the most important is the kind of trading platform that the brokers support. […] Read More »

Bring On Far-Reaching Currency Trading Improvements

Every trader, no matter how smart or talented, comes to a point in his forex trading career where he starts to feel stagnant. These are moments when the trader starts to believe that there are no more currency trading lessons worth learning. Experienced traders feel like this off and on but new traders rarely ever […] Read More »

The Right Mindset to Support Your Forex Strategies

One of the first steps of succeeding in the forex market is to devise forex strategies and learn to implement them in the right manner. This is a step that most forex traders take in their careers. Despite this, the majority end up failing in the forex market. The reason why this happens is that […] Read More »

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