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FX Rates and Your Money Personality

FX Rates and Your Money Personality There are five main money personalities that you should know about.  Every FX rates trader will fall into one of these money personality categories.  It is important that you know what these personalities are and how they affect your trading.  Once you know what your personality is you can [...] Read More »

Your First Foreign Exchange Trade

Just starting out in foreign exchange can be an exciting time. Making your very first trade will no doubt be a little scary, and also quite exhilarating. There are a number of steps you’ll want to take in preparation for your very first foreign exchange trade. Remember that there is no rush involved, and you [...] Read More »

Tips For Better Foreign Exchange Results

Every foreign exchange investor is constantly looking for ways to improve their regular portfolio performance. Trades can always be improved upon and gains can always edge out past performance for higher returns. The key is to finding the little strategies that can improve overall results. While trading foreign exchange can seem a little tepid and [...] Read More »

What Causes Drastic Foreign Exchange Rate Changes?

What Causes Drastic Foreign Exchange Rate Changes? When you talk about drastic changes in foreign exchange rates you are generally talking about megatrends.  These are prolonged trends that seriously change the foreign exchange rates of a country.  A lot of traders assume that this is something you generally find with emerging economies.  However, this is [...] Read More »

Significant Factors when Foreign Exchange Trading

  Significant Factors In Understanding Foreign Exchange Trading The key to successful trading in the foreign exchange market is simply understanding how to trade. If you do not understand the technicalities behind the trading system, the chances are highly likely you will experience more losses than profits. This is why new traders are encouraged to [...] Read More »

Forex Training Courses

Forex Training Courses Investors who decide to enter the forex world often become frustrated, lose money and eventually will leave the financial market.  Foreign exchange trading offers many investors great opportunities, but it is very different to the equities market.  Equities markets involve ownership transfer, whilst the forex market is based on speculation.  There are [...] Read More »

Using Volatility of the Foreign Currency Exchange

Using Volatility of the Foreign Currency Exchange The foreign currency exchange offers greater volatility and liquidity than any other financial market.  It is important that you know how you can use this volatility to your advantage.  You should also know when market volatility can cause problems for traders.  When you know this you will be [...] Read More »

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