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Foreign Exchange Rate – Learning The Basics

Foreign Exchange Rate

The Foreign exchange rate has become an essential element to telling how well the economy of a country is doing. You can tell with just a glance if the market is experiencing a trend. Is it strengthening or weakening? Which currencies are being affected by the changes in the currency you are watching? All of this information is essential to anyone who is looking to trade on the foreign exchange.

Foreign Exchange Rate

When you look at the exchange rate, there are two currencies. The first is the stronger of the currencies or the base currency in the pairing. It is also generally the currency you have that you are using to purchase the other currency. It is important to learn everything you can about how these currency pairs work because they are essential to the exchange rate. In fact, they are the very foundation of the market.

The foreign exchange rate is an excellent measurement device and the main factor used in technical analysis. Technical analysis is one of two analysis types that are used on the Forex market. This type of analysis is strictly numbers. It does not take into account what causes the changes in the market. While it is important because it does not take into account the causes, it can only provide a trader with half the picture.

It is still, however, important and should be carefully considered. The foreign exchange rate is essentially the basis of the exchange. It is what everyone looks at and what everyone goes by when it comes to making a determination as to whether or not you want to make a trade. The exchange rate does not necessarily have to deal with the foreign exchange, though that is what it refers to in the modern era.

Originally, the exchange rate was done in goods. This is not to be confused with the barter system, though it was a part of it. The bartering of goods became in part an exchange rate when the exchange became standardised. A certain amount of a particular item equaled the value of a certain amount of another item.


The invention of hard currency, in the form of coins, saw the modern idea of the foreign exchange rate formed. This is the same basic principle as the exchange rate now, except for a few small differences. Originally, currency value was based on weight and metal.

Mixed coins were given a value based on the precious metal amount, such as gold, within the coin. The purer the coin the more value it had. A country might assign a value for the coinage within their borders; however, that purchasing power was subject to how much value the other country placed on it or allowed someone to purchase with it. If you could purchase the same amount of a good with the same coin in more than your own country the exchange rate between that country and your own was the same. This was not always the case and this is what formed the foreign exchange rate.



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