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Foreign Exchange Rates and Trends You Can Profit From

foreign exchange rates

Trading foreign exchange rates can be fun as well as lucrative, if you do your homework before you ever start trading. In terms of daily turnover, forex is the largest capital markets on Earth. This means that it’s going to take some time – and effort – to wrap your mind around how this market operates and how you can make a profit out of those operations. Specialisation is the key. Beginners need to concentrate on 1 major currency pair (like the GBP/USD or EUR/USD), learning everything that they can find out before any trading starts up. Almost all the information that you need is on the internet – forex bank reports, forex-related news sites and websites by current and former traders. Using a “demo account” is a good idea, too. These accounts are exactly like the real thing, except that they use “virtual money”, not your own.

Trading Asian currencies is not that hard, if you know where to look for information about them. For example, “NHK” has a marvellous English website.

Why Do People Make Money From Foreign Exchange Rates?

The prices of foreign currencies reflect the collective evaluation of all those involved, at any moment in time. Since humans have a tendency to do things in groups, this means that trends form in forex and can run on for some time. An astute observer can pick off trends that are just starting up or about to wind down. With the aid of technical indicators (e. g., moving averages, indices or oscillators), you can confirm what you think you see before you. Many expert traders only trade major long-term trends. This keeps trade execution costs down and usually prevents whiplashes from occurring. Early spring or early autumn are the two best times to jump on (or off) major trends.

Discovering More About Foreign Exchange Rates

Expert traders never stop learning. They’re always reading, searching for new ideas or trying to spot trends that they have missed. In the process, they develop a very good “feel” for the markets and a certain confidence to buy or sell something way before everyone else does. So, don’t stop researching! If you think that an “Ichimoku cloud” is some kind of Japanese weather formation, look at If you’re not reading “NHK” (the BBC of Japan) already, do it. If “” means nothing to you, get on the internet and start reading its business section – every day. If you still think a Kiwi is just a cute fruit, learn to chant the “Ka Mate Haka” while reading every morning.

Trading With Foreign Exchange Rates For Profit

A favourite short-term trading strategy that beginners can potentially profit from involves the use of an hourly chart of a major currency pair (e. g., EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF or USD/JPY). Bring the chart up on your computer screen and put two exponential moving average lines (“EMAs”) on it. The first one will be an 8-period EMA. The second one will be slower – a 34-period EMA. Notice how the 8-period line crosses over the 34-period line, then scoots along for a while before crossing over again. Those crossovers are your buy and sell signals. Buy when the 8-period EMA crosses the 34-period EMA, going upward. Sell when the 8-period EMA crosses the 34-period EMA, going downward. Close all trades before the weekend.


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