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How to Become a Foreign Exchange Rate Hotshot

Whenever someone mentions forex traders, most people start thinking of the hotshots of the industry who make a lot of money with simple clicks of their mouse. Traders in the foreign exchange just have this kind of a glamorous image to the public. However, one thing that is true about these foreign exchange rate hotshots […] Read More »

Avoid Swing Forex Trading Strategies If You Are New

There is no clear path that you can follow to forex trading success because every trader has his own path to tread. However, this does not mean that you should not take advice from more experienced people in the market about everything from your mindset to your chosen strategies. One bit of advice that you […] Read More »

NZD Predictive Econometrics Point To Decent Recovery

Goldman Sachs reported some forex signals by utilising its own predictive econometric model called the FCI or the New Zealand Financial Conditions Index. It has been in existence since 2005. It was based on a similar methodology used to construct an econometric model of Australian FCI. This includes the weighted average of the Reserve Bank […] Read More »

Tips For Successful Foreign Currency Exchange Trading

Foreign currency exchange trading is an exciting career and if you can devise a trading plan and strategy that suits you, you will find it most interesting.  It is important to prepare adequately for this market as this will ensure that you become a successful trader. Your Approach to Foreign Currency Exchange Before you commence […] Read More »

Seasonal Currency Trading Trends

When you look at currency trading you need to consider all the trends in trading.  Trends do not only relate to the directional movement on the marker that you are going to be using to trade.  This will also be the trends in the way that people trade.  There are a number of seasonal trends […] Read More »

Research The Foreign Exchange Sydney Markets If You Want Success

The foreign exchange Sydney markets are one of the most competitive trading environments on earth. Everyone who does business in the forex markets is there to ruthlessly maximize the gains available for their own trading results. This can make it a difficult environment to trade in, particularly when you remember that leverage makes it all […] Read More »

Who Can Succeed With Foreign Exchange Sydney Trading

The foreign exchange Sydney markets are the trading home of millions of investors worldwide. It is not just Aussies either that are buying and selling in our home currency – in fact, traders from across the globe deal in AUD every single day, on both the positive and the negative side. The same is true […] Read More »

Forex Strategies – Knowing the Basics

When you are first getting started as a beginning trader, one of the first things that you look for are things to make successful trades easier or, more accurately, what you know in order to make successful trades. What type of strategy do you need to have in order to be successful? There are plenty […] Read More »

Leverage When You Trade Foreign Exchange Sydney

Leverage is one of the defining characteristics of trading in foreign exchange Sydney positions. It is leverage that makes forex trading so different from other forms of investment, and indeed what gives traders the high degrees of profit they have come to expect from trading in currency positions. Leverage is a sum of money provided […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Sydney Timing Discussion

You should know fairly quickly that forex markets provide a 24 hour day of trading. It does not mean that every hour of a 24 hour period is worth trading. There can be times when activity is so low that there is no point in trading. You make money when the market moves up or […] Read More »

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