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Being Aware Of Your Behaviour When FX Trading

The most effective foreign exchange traders are those who have knowledge of the forex market and how to trade on it, as well as an insight into their own behaviour and cognition as a forex trader.  This individual is aware of the psychological experiences they feel when FX trading on this volatile market, as well […] Read More »

Some Forex Live Trading Tips

There are many people who look at trading on the forex live market.  A lot of these people have never traded before and this can bring a number of problems.  When you start trading there are certain tips that you should consider.  These tips will help you keep your trading consistent and improve the profitability […] Read More »

Advice on Successful Foreign Currency Trading

Due to its convenient online format, the currency trading market has become one of the largest financial trading markets worldwide. Despite the large percentage of traders who do not experience profitable trades, the currency trading market is continuing to grow. If you wish to be a successful foreign currency trader there are certain factors about […] Read More »

Which Markets: Foreign Exchange Trading

Most foreign exchange trading protagonists focus their trades on technical indicators, particularly those trading the British pound or the Euro.  They do not often take heed of movements in other markets for hints as to the direction of the market.  These other markets could provide useful insight in trading and often they hold the key […] Read More »

How to Be a Sophisticated Forex Trader

All traders on the forex market are looking to be profitable.  However, they should also be looking at the sophistication of their forex trading.  It is important that you are profitable as well as sophisticated in your forex trading.  There are a number of points that you should consider when you look at the sophistication […] Read More »

Guide to Understanding Australian Forex Brokers

In order to begin trading on the foreign exchange market you will be required to open a trading account with a forex broker. In order to determine which of the many Australian forex brokers is best for you there are some considerations to be made. The size of the brokerage The majority of forex brokers […] Read More »

Foreign Currency Exchange Over-Diversification

When you trade on any financial market you will be told to diversify your trading in order to take full advantage of the market.  While this can help you when you trade it can also lead to over-diversification.  There is also the fact that you should not always diversify your trading on all the financial […] Read More »

Medium Term Trading on Foreign Exchange Sydney

If you are new to the foreign exchange Sydney market, you should give consideration as to the method you will use for trading.  Many traders simply opt for short-term trading as that seems to be the most popular method, and appears to be simple.  You can choose to trade in a different timeframe if you […] Read More »

Are Buy & Hold Forex Trading Strategies for You?

There are a number of different forex trading strategies that you can use on the forex market.  One of these forex trading strategies is the long-term buy and hold trade.  It is important that you consider whether or not this type of trading is right for you.  You should also consider how you are going […] Read More »

What You Need to Know About the FX Rates

Most people know how FX rates work as they have needed foreign currency when travelling to another country.  Obtaining foreign currency for travelling is the most basic method of exposure to this market.  The big picture of foreign currency is much wider and includes governments, central banks, large corporations, large financial institutions and retail traders.  […] Read More »

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