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Verifying Your Forex Calendar New Releases

Verifying Your Forex Calendar New Releases

When you use a forex calendar you are able to keep track of what new releases are coming up that could affect the forex market.  After the new release you need to find out what the release included and what this could mean for the market.  However, when you do this you have to consider the validity of the information you are getting.  This is true not only for forex news, but also for any forex insight you are looking at.  Most forex calendars will give you an overview of what the news release said.

The Forex Calendar Source

The first point you need to look at when you get any information about the forex market is where the information is coming from.  The business of new is a business and some people do not worry about the validity of the facts.  When your forex calendar tells you about an event and what the new release said you have to consider where they are getting their information.  You need to do the same for market insight that you get.  Market insight needs to be based on facts and these facts have to come from somewhere.  The author should be able to provide sources for the information.

Who is the Author?

When you look at any new or information about the forex market you have to consider who the author is.  There are certain authors who are more trustworthy than others.  Doing a Google search on the author is one way to find out how they are getting their information and what qualifications they have.  This is particularly important when you are looking at market insight.

You also need to think about where the information is published.  Is the website reputable with a history of giving good information or is it a new website that suddenly popped up.  You can get information about the age of a website easily through a Google search.  You can also find out more about the website though talking to other traders.  Finding reviews for the insight on the website is a good way to find out if people find it helpful or not.

The Speed of Getting News

It is important that you get news and information about new releases as soon as possible.  The forex market reacts quite quickly to news because of the heavy hitters on the market.  These heavy hitters have people waiting to move money as soon as the new is released.  To get into the action you need to also get the information quickly.  The speed at which the new release results are provided need to be looked at.  If you have to wait a long time then you could miss the surge that makes you a profit.

Where to Get News

You have to be discerning when you look for forex news.  There are certain news feeds that give you exactly what you need.  The problem is that the best new release feeds generally cost a monthly subscription.  Of course, you should consider what you are going to get from the new feed and whether this is worth the cost.


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